Global Kairos Petition

This petition comes from Kairos Palestine and its partner movements, Global Kairos for Justice.
In December 2018—inspired by the Kairos Palestine document and representing a broad spectrum of organizations, faith communities and other groups—people from around the world gathered in Bethlehem Palestine to further the Kairos call for an end to the State of Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people and its occupation of Palestinian territories. With love as its logic, the call is grounded in nonviolent resistance to oppression and violations of human rights.

May 15 marks the anniversary of the Nakba. In this petition, Global Kairos for Justice, a partner of Kairos Palestine, asks to the world to support its call to action, to sign the petition and to be partners in local and regional events on or around May 15, 2019. As the prophet Isaiah wrote, “Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed.” (Isaiah 1:17)

Global Kairos Signature Campaign

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